Our Cable Landing Stations are open for all players to co-locate their equipment

Islalink offers co-location services in all its Landing Stations in Valencia, Palma de Mallorca, Crotone and Preveza to operators, ISPs, content providers and enterprises seeking high security, flexibility, robustness, technical services provided by qualified personnel, and the presence of major operators and carriers easily accessible through a simple cross-connection at the meet-me room.

CLS features


Islalink’s Cable Landing Station (CLS) in Valencia offers international operators and carriers a diverse, neutral landing station with connectivity into Europe via a robust fiber optic backbone.

Islalink works in partnership with all operators and carriers to ensure the success of each project. Islalink’s experience and on-site presence are a unique asset to those landing cables in Valencia.


Ideally located at the heart of the city of Palma de Mallorca, the Mallorca Cable Landing Station is ideally suited to all clients that want to locate their equipment in Mallorca and have connectivity with all the operators present in the Island, and benefit from the best connectivity to the Peninsula. 


The design of the Cable Landing Station of Preveza is modular. It is currently suited for the foreseeable growth of the IONIAN cable system, but it will be expanded with additional modules for future cables or to provide technical space to serve the local market when needed.


Crotone was selected as the ideal landing site for the IONIAN cable. Located at the South of the Peninsula, it is halfway between the cable hubs of Bari and Catania, offering diverse access to the terrestrial fiber networks of the main suppliers in Italy. The CLS of Crotone (as well as the rest of the landing infrastructure, i.e., BMH and fronthaul) has been built to welcome up to three additional cable systems. The building can be fitted for up to 1.000 m2 of technical space. It also offers co-location space for players that serve the needs of Telco and IT services in area of Crotone.